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More extensive usage of diesel generators , unhealthy will frequently change , is there in whatever way it can save costs, find bargain quality afraid not maintain, provided that grant the life span of the generator , then how can we increase life span :
1: Oil foot, enough water , enough air . In the event the oil supply shortage or disruption causes poor engine lubrication , diesel generator body badly worn or perhaps Burnt phenomenon ; if insufficient cooling water will result in the machine temperature is too high, power down, increased wear and shorten life ; in the event the air supply just isn’t timely or interrupted , there’ll be difficulty in starting , poor combustion , power down, the engine won’t operate diesel generators as well as other phenomena .
2: Run . This is the basis for extending the service lifetime of diesel generators , whether new or overhauled engine engine has to be run based on the rules after being put into normal operation.
3: Transfer . Diesel generator valve clearance , valve timing , injection timing , injection pressure and ignition timing, etc. really should be checked and adjusted in order that the engine is at good shape in order to save fuel and prolong life.
4: Net oil , net water , gas cleaning and the body clean. If diesel, gasoline is just not pure, precise fit body will wear, with the gap increasing , causing oil spills, drip , fuel pressure is reduced , the gap becomes larger, and even cause oil plug, axle , bush-burning along with serious failures ; if your air includes a lots of dust, will accelerate the cylinder, piston and piston ring wear ; when the cooling water seriously isn’t pure, make air conditioning due to clogging scale , prevent engine cooling, lubrication conditions deteriorate , our bodies badly worn ; when the body appearance with no net, make surface from corrosion and shorten the service lifetime of diesel generators .
5: Check . Make sure the fastening parts . Due to diesel generators during the shock and vibration loads uneven impact , bolts, nuts simple loose . Some part on the adjustment bolts needs to be checked to counteract damage to one’s body due to loosening of the incident .
6:Use . Proper using diesel generators. Before driving , adjust the temperature, prolonged periods of overload or low speed operation. Stop , before relieved loads reduce speed . After stopping the stream temperature in winter really should be dropped to 50 ℃, put the net cooling water ( except the injection engine antifreeze ) . The typical engine maintenance work to try and do , maintain your machine running in good condition . To ground observation, ground inspection, found fault , and take away .



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