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So many industrial type diesel generator factories in China,but not many marine generator factory.Because there’re marine classification socity certificate for marine generator factory.As we know,there’re CCS,DNV,BV,GL,ABS,LR,KR,NK,RINA,RS.These are main marine classification socity.And now Indonesia have BKI,Vietnam have VN.

Marine generator is different of industrial generator,it’s serious to choose the right and fit engine and alternator.Such as marine alternator must be IP23.Marine engine need fuel leak alarm.And for more than 130KW of engine rated power,we must need Emission certificate.And now,we have Tire 2 emission.However,different requirement,different engine and alternator choosen.

Marine generator have marine main generator,marine emergency generator and marine harbor generator.As the name suggests,marine main generator is the main power supply of the whole ship;marine emergency generator is for the emergency power supply when the main generator is broken.Emergency generator can be auto-starter when the main generator off,and auto-stop when the main generator open.This is like industrial generator with ATS.So marine harbor generator is power supply when the ship dock.The difference of them is their cooling system.Marine main generator is the same as marine harbor generator which is sea-water heat exchanger cooled,but emergency generator  is water cooled by radiator.And the radiator must be cooper of marine type.



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