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Silent type generator set:

-Welding Standard
Strictly follows EU/US standard.Under the assistance of welding plantform,welding robot and assisting tools to finish the work.We also have workers holding CSWIP.

-Painting standard
All sounproof canopy are painted with high quality ultraviolet-proof power.We also provide epoxy zinc rich primer under our customers’ requirements.

The silencers are one of the most popular exporting parts,which are widely used by many international gensets companines.

-Easy Open Design and Repair
The soundproof canopy is designed to allow two-seconds opening structure and can be opend from two ends.This design is aimed to make the checking and repairing easily.

-Easy lifting and moving

-Easy operation and control panel

Based on the Tontek power genset power, it can divide into doubleside single-door, double side double doors, imitate container type.

Beside that,we help our customer design the special silent canopy such as super silent generator:


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