Congratulations on the listing of Tontek Power in JSEE

17th,Janunary of 2019 is the lucky day that Tontek Power listed on the JSEE as the developing company. Company code: 693205

As these years develop,especially the support from government,customer,suppliers, Tontek Power has achieved leapfrog development. And now Tontek Power is the important company especially for exporting.

We are still professional on industrial and marine diesel generator design,manufacture,assemble,testing and after service.And we will integrate resources of generator market.Specially for customer to supply the one-stop solution.Especially the factory have been through CCS,ABS,RINA classification socity certificates. And we will also check with BV classification socity factory approved.

Green power,Power with our heart!We will still firmly believe this and service for our customer.

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Post time: Feb-19-2020