Notice of resumption of work

Dear Customer:

At present, new types of coronaviruses are raging, and all parts of the country are actively carrying out epidemic prevention and control. As a generator company integrating production and sales, a technology company that provides products for people’s livelihood, the company will also shoulder social responsibility and mission to contribute more to society.

At present, our company has resumed work in full, and strictly in accordance with the government’s resumption of work during the epidemic period, strictly fulfill the temperature inspection, regular disinfection, and workers with masks to work and so on.

During the epidemic prevention and control, we will make every effort to provide our customers with better services. In some cases, such as the impact of certain objective conditions such as logistics control, we hope that friends will give us some understanding and support. thank you all! !! !!

At the same time, we will do rigorous and careful epidemic prevention and control work, provide customers with high-quality products, and also take personal protective measures to avoid going out to crowded places, washing hands, and disinfecting.

We believe that through the efforts of the people across the country, we will surely win this war without smoke.

Come on in Hubei, come on in China!

Taizhou Tontek Power Technology Co., Ltd.

February 10, 2020

Post time: Feb-18-2020