Biomass Gas Generator

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 unit
  • Supply Ability: 100 units per month
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    Biomass gas generator set uses crop straws, forest wastes, edible fungus residues, cattle and sheep livestock manure and all combustible materials as raw materials to convert into combustible energy. Biomass gasification synthetic fuel is an indirect liquefaction technology. Biomass gasification is used to produce crude gas through thermochemistry methods. The gas is then purified by gas and the composition is adjusted to obtain high-quality synthesis gas. The catalytic synthesis technology is used after pressurization A complete set of integrated technologies for synthetic liquid fuels.

    Due to the need of energy source, more and more people start to become interested in biomass recycling business. TONTEK POWER biomass gas generator is renewable, eco-friendly energy especially for agricultural countries. It is a best investment to generate revenue from agroforestry waste and to produce green energy to protect the global environment. The set has modular structure design and easy for operation and maintenance. It can be used in home application, electricity generation, industrial chemical and industrial fuel and so on.

    Main Features

    ●High quality components are selected from the top international manufacturers, with high reliability and perfect performance.

    ● The power generator is life easy to start and operate.

    ● Special design set has longer and overhaul time.

    ● The maintenance cost is low and the repair cycle is long.

    ● The whole set has high rain-proof and dust-proof properties.

    ● Modular structure design can be quickly installed and put into use.

    ● Good start-up performance and high start-up success rate.

    ●Intelligent parallel machine control system can realize parallel operation of multiple units to meet the power demand of large load.

    ● High mechanical strength, rugged construction, can be widely used in many places.

    ● High mechanical strength, electronic ignition system, modular design

    ●Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Energy Utilization Technology, safe and reliable distributed energy

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